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Learn about A&D Company, Americas and all of our divisions' most frequently asked questions, or contact us for support if your question is not listed here.

A&D Company, Americas

Where is A&D headquartered?

Our North America headquarters are located in San Jose, CA with operations in the United States, Canada, and South America. Our global headquarters are in Japan. Learn more about us here.

How long has A&D been in business?

A&D has been in business for over 40 years.  We started in Japan in 1977 and launched products in the US in 1982.  See the A&D Company timeline.

What is A&D most noted for with their products?

A&D is most known for precision measurements across our divisions, hence our slogan of Discover Precision.  Learn more about what Discover Precision means to us, and see our journey over the last 40 years in business.

What types of products do you make?

A&D's Americas division has several distinct business units: 

  • A&D Medical - known for clinically validated blood pressure monitors, weight scales, and professional and telehealth medical devices.
  • A&D Weighing - with applications across many industries, our laboratory balances, industrial scales, and a host of other weighing products, including Test & Measurement, are best-in-class.
  • A&D Inspection - known for product inspection equipment, such as checkweighers, metal dectectors, and X-ray inspection.
  • Auto Control Medical - a widely respected Canadian distributor of medical supplies and equipment.
A&D Medical

Below is a quick reference for our most frequently asked questions.  Please see all of A&D Medical's FAQs or contact Customer Service.

Are your blood pressure monitors FDA approved?

All of A&D’s blood pressure monitors have FDA clearance.  This is a requirement to sell in the US market.  Learn more about Clinical Validation here

My reading seems high. Is something wrong with the monitor?

Many factors can impact your blood pressure readings, including that your cuff might be too small. A cuff that is too small yields a measurement that is higher than the correct blood pressure. Be sure to check that you are using the correct cuff size before taking your blood pressure. Please reference the section called "Select the correct cuff" in the instruction manual or see "How do I know which cuff size will fit me?" to determine your correct cuff size. If your measurements still seem high, please consult your physician.

How do I know which cuff size will fit me?

With your arm hanging at the side of your body, measure the circumference of your upper arm at the midpoint between the shoulder and elbow.  See the table below to find which blood pressure monitor will fit you.

Model Cuff Size (in) Cuff Size (cm)
UA-705V 9.4 - 14.2in 23 - 36cm
UA-705VL 14.2 - 17.7in 36 - 45cm
UA-611 9 - 14.6in 23 - 37cm
UA-767F Series 8.6 - 16.5in 22 - 42cm
UA-767 Pro Series 6.3 - 9.4in 16 - 24cm
UA-789AC 16.5 - 23.6in 42 - 60cm
UA-787EJ 9 - 17in 23 - 43cm
UA-1030T 9 - 14.6in 23 - 37cm
UA-651BLE 9 - 14.6in 23 - 37cm


Using the correct cuff size is important for an accurate reading. A cuff that is too large will produce a reading that is lower than the correct blood pressure; a cuff that is too small will produce a reading that is higher than the correct blood pressure.

A&D Weighing

Below is a quick reference for our most frequently asked questions.  Please see all of A&D Weighing's FAQs or contact Customer Service.

Where can I find the specifications for a model?

Search or navigate to the series you are interested in on our site.  Once you're on the series page, scroll down to the Model Comparison tab to compare specs by model.  If you already know the model you're interested in, click on that link and look in the Specifications tab for the full list of specifications.  

Where can I find pricing and availability?

Simply find the model you're looking for on our website and press the Request a Quote button.  Our team will contact you to discuss pricing, availability, and your application's requirements to make sure you have the right solution in place.

I need troubleshooting help.  Who can I contact?

To save time, please consult the Troubleshooting section of the Instruction Manual shipped with your product.  The Instruction Manuals are also available under the Downloads tab for each model/series on our website.  The authorized A&D partner who provided you with the product can usually help as well.  We're also here to help - simply contact us, but don't forget to include the model and serial number!

A&D Inspection

Below is a quick reference for our most frequently asked questions.  Please visit the A&D Inspection website or contact Customer Service for any additional questions.

What contaminants can be detected using X-ray inspection?
A&D excels at detecting metal, glass, stone, hard bone, and high-density plastics with our X-ray systems.

How can I be sure that a specific contaminant is detectable? 
A&D offers a free sample request program.  Simply send us the samples, and we will test and provide a report on our findings.  Contact us to start your sample test

Are the systems safe for operators to use?
Absolutely. Our machines are designed to exceed all US and European radiation safety regulations

Are the products considered safe after traveling through the X-ray system?
Yes. The radiation dose applied to the product during inspection is considerably less than the maximum allowable permitted by the FDA.