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Mission & Vision




A&D is a technology-driven, market-oriented, global manufacturer of measurement equipment. With its core technology of analog-to-digital conversion, A&D provides tools using precision measurement and controlling technology, helping its customers around the world create added value and contribute to the development of industry and healthy living. 


A&D's vision to be ...Clearly a Better Value for customers, is the driving force for the company. Through innovative design and efficient, quality manufacturing, A&D strives to offer top quality services and products at a fair price − clearly a better value for those it serves.


Behind every company are its people who strategize and collaborate to build, strengthen, and grow it ensuring its long term success. In order to accomplish that, we look for our associates to demonstrate the following behaviors:

  • Customer centered growth focus
  • Gets results
  • Assertiveness & leadership Impact
  • Self Awareness
  • Open communicator
  • Drives change
  • Global thinking
  • Intelligent risk taker
  • Functional excellence
  • Makes team better