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Mission & Values




A&D provides precision measurement and control tools to assist our customers, create value, and contribute to the development of industry and healthier lives.


We strive for Honmono (the Japanese word for authenticity), welcome challenges, and are relentless until we deliver solutions.  Because we honestly believe that precision impacts not just our business, but those that use our products to make important decisions every day, we can embrace Discover Precision as our motto, knowing it authentically aligns with everything we believe.

Honmono - Authenticity


In order to accomplish both our mission and Honmono, we look for our associates to demonstrate the following values:

  • Perseverance: Always persist in finding the best solution to vital challenges
  • Innovation: Create the world's most innovative measurement products
  • Collaboration: Deepen teamwork and trust around the globe
  • Integrity: Always act with honesty and principle for the benefit of society
  • Customer Focus: Partner with customers and deliver exceptional value