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40th Anniversary

A&D - 40 Year Anniversary Timeline

More Than a Measurement: A 40 Year Journey


"No doubt, we will continue to weigh and to measure, watch ourselves grow, and our universe around us, according to the ever growing power of our tools."

- Albert Claude, c. 1900



Why More Than a Measurement?

At A&D, we have been in the business of measuring for 40 years.  And after four decades, what we know is simple: measurements are just numbers.

But they can also be so much more.

They intersect with you, your life, and your work.  And then measurements become power - they become the tools by which we make life's critical decisions.



Powering Health and Wellness

For 40 years, A&D Medical has been offering a wide range of blood pressure monitors and weight scales, relentlessly incorporating the newest technology innovations for consumers who want to track, monitor and manage their health.

Our company is committed to a future in which consumers can go beyond the data, to where streamlined health management becomes simply another component to living fully.



Powering Patient Care

A&D Medical has been a staple in hospital rooms and physicians' offices for the past four decades, ensuring healthcare providers always have the most critical information in real-time to help make informed prognoses about patient health and treatment.

Giving providers the data points they need along with tools to communicate with patients and other caregivers creates the foundation of connected health - and the ability to treat new patient populations.

Powering Global Industry

As old as trade itself, measuring weight accurately remains one of the most critical quality components in almost every business application.  From restaurant countertops to pharmaceutical labs, A&D Weighing has been creating weighing solutions for a range of industries as vast as the global business community can imagine.

After four decades, A&D Weighing continues to blend its patented technology with new hardware platforms to create the best weighing solutions for organizations large and small around the world.



Powering Bottom Lines

The newest division of the A&D family, A&D Inspection leverages the company's 40 years of experience in precise measurement to deliver checkweighing and inspection solutions that allow production and manufacturing facilities to maintain high quality across all product lines.

The recipient of a Frost & Sullivan award after its first year in business, A&D Inspection is committed to ensuring businesses and their consumers experience the same consistent quality in every sip, bite, spoonful or handful.